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Recyclerama works to reduce the waste footprint on the planet.  Recycling your treasures circulating to cater for most of our needs, maybe not all our wants buy buying vintage, antiques and second hand creates a small economy where a product circulating from hand to hand can generate income with no  need for another item to be manufactured.  Its cheaper, its greener and sometimes much more special.​

The  Antiques, Vintage & Collectables

Inside the Main and Exhibition pavillions the focus is Antiques and Collectables, some stalls may be clearing  family antiques, or be collectors or Dealers with Special Antiques for sale.  


You will find everything from Vintage collectable cars, clothes, books to Model Planes, old 1950 Fruit box labels, vintage Jewellery, Paintings, etc


Allow  yourself the time to look around.

Huge Monster Car Boot



Around the Grounds surrounding the Antique and Collectable Pavillion are the Car boot and garage sale style stalls plus you will find a treasure trove of Antique and Collectables mixed in.   


This really is an Epic Treasure hunt.  There will be something for everyone and every item recycled makes a difference.


With more and more carbooters its getting tougher to fit you all in so book early to get your spot.


Onsite Food and Entertainment

Recyclerama Joined with Joyology Now and Wild World Records to make  the August 2015, and February 2016 event magic with attempts for the Longest Can Phone Communication,  Facepainting 70 people in 7 colours in 7 minutes and Balloon bending races.  


We support local fundraising efforts by offering a free stall site to one group each event so if you want to use the event to help raise funds contact us.


Recyclerama encourages buskers and other Entertainment being part of creating a great atmosphere if your interested to be part of the day please contact us.



We have great food at the event and a big variety to suit everyone